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Ganbatte Convention Inc. is a non profit organization focused on promoting Japanese media and arts in Saskatoon through various events in the year leading to our annual anime convention in July. We are organized by members of the local Saskatoon anime, comic, and gaming communities and are run by dedicated volunteers.


Ganbatte Convention Inc. was started in July 2015 due to a desire for a convention promoting the ideas of Japanese media and arts in Saskatoon. With several years of volunteerism, generous contributions, and hard work from the local community and guidance from other industry members, Ganbatte Convention Inc. has held the convention several times with resounding success. We hope to make our fifth year in July 2020 an even bigger success and continue to grow with our community and hopefully expand our horizons. We look forward to seeing you this year!

Ganbatte Artist

After winning our artist contest in 2017, Kiwa (@kiwadraws) has been busy producing artwork for our marketing material. You can already see her amazing work on our website homepage and our Facebook banner. Kiwa will have a table in our artist ally, be sure to check out her work during this year’s convention!

Ganbatte is a volunteer run organization that builds trust, understanding and life long friendships through powerful events that bring our community together. 

Please be advised that Ganbatte Convention Inc. has reserved the right to decline applications.

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