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An event for everyone!

What is Ganbatte?

Ganbatte is an annual anime convention located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, it's hosted at TCU Place for the convenience of downtown parking, restaurants, hotels etc. Not to mention the amazing venue with so much room for all the activities that are planned throughout the event.

The thing about Ganbatte is that it isn't JUST for anime lovers, although the primary focus is for the love of anime, the vendors and artists at this event aren't JUST anime. Here you will find a multitude of art, collectable items, custom made giftware, health and beauty products & activities for all ages. The best part about this convention is that it's suitable for all ages, we encourage you to come dressed however you want, if you'd like to dress up as your favourite character or even just roll in with your pajamas on! We are a safe haven for anyone who wishes to be apart of this community.

One of the best things about Ganbatte is the friendships that are created through our events, meeting people with similar interests, hobbies and helping each other feel welcome and accepted. The purpose of Ganbatte wasn't so much launched as a growth convention but to get people involved and have a fun time while we dance, dress up, learn and just live life the way we want to! Our team of volunteers are just outstanding members of the community, they work really hard to make this event happen every year and without them we wouldn't be where we are today... so if you make it out to a Ganbatte event, high 5 a volunteer! (if allowed) bring your kids to the game room, but most importantly.... have fun!

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