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What should I know about attending a convention?

When you attend expos and conventions, people tend to think there is a level of expectation required to attend these events... do I need to know anime? do I need to know authors? The answer is absolutely not!

One of the best things about Ganbatte is the judgement free environment, the ability to surround yourself with people from all walks of life. We have regular attendants that started coming at the age of 3 and we've been able to watch them grow and see their excitement every year when they walk in the doors. We also have team members who bring their children. The thing you need to know about Ganbatte vs most "trade shows" is this isn't at all what you expect...... why is that do you ask?

We have rooms set up for panels, where our artists put on their own presentations / take questions from fans and really engage with the community. We also have a games room where you are free to use any equipment that is available. The rooms obviously have rules that you need to follow but all signage is clearly posted with any information needed along with a program guide so you can see what's happening in what room and at what time. This helps with knowing what time you need to be there. We have amazing cosplay contests, we even have a cosplay repair shop where our volunteers will help you with your costume!

When you are at Ganbatte you will notice some amazing local businesses, we often have a community photo booth to raise money for SCAT Street Cat Rescue, we have an abundance of artists who will create custom art for visitors and so many different vendors that offer jewelry, beauty products, cosplay materials, limited edition products. This is why Ganbatte is AMAZING the entire room is filled with fans, kids, elders, business owners, and people here just to have a good time and check it out without a level of expectation of knowing anything about anime. We obviously encourage you to support the businesses at our venue but you are not obligated to! That's why we have a full schedule of activities to keep you busy and entertained.

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