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Volunteer Application 


Volunteer Departments and Duties
Registration – Scanning and handing out badges, along with answering questions and helping at the main entry doors.

Security / Line control – helping attendees with directions, making sure only those attendees with badges enter restricted convention areas and making sure no one abuses any con policies.

Weapons Check - Making sure all weapons and props pass the rules for the convention, while also keeping checked weapons and props safe for when people are in the mall.

Set up and Tear Down - Helping set-up and take-down the convention during Ganbatte. Each department is different for set-up and take-down procedures so please check in with your department leader for any questions.

Anime Video - ensuring our anime screenings go as planned, monitoring the rooms for recording devices and inappropriate conduct.

Merchandise - work the official Ganbatte Merchandise booth, promote merchandise and offer customer service. Bad customers are turned into frogs; 𓆏

Marketing - help get the good word of Ganbatte out, includes hanging posters, handing out flyers/cards and dressing up in cosplay to promote. Eventually will include parade appearances and more!

Games and Multi-Purpose Room - ensuring the many parts of the game room operates smoothly, which may include; keeping all game pieces together, detangling of controller cords, cleanliness of televisions used for gaming, etc.

Tables - ensuring our exhibitors are taken care of, assisting them with set-up/tear-down if they ask you, watching the hall for potential security threats and helping exhibitors to enjoy Ganbatte; So that they return for future years!

Panels - ensuring panels run smoothly and our panelists have assistance when needed.

Guests - ensuring our guests are taken care of, includes working directly with guests as their runners, showing them around and helping them get to know the community. At times you may also need to help with Guest Security depending on our headliners and crowds.

Runners/ Floaters - Running to get things for other staff and helping cover other departments when needed, this position does not require janitorial duties. Floaters means Extra Volunteer within a department.

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